Tony's Story

Tony Hornick, inventor of the Sprout Grower

Tony Hornick is the Inventor of the Sprout Grower. Tony has been eating mung bean sprouts for over 50 years and has a little bit of wisdom to share.

For most of my life I have always told myself, and the public, how good it was to eat GREEN food.

That is, ALL edible green food. This is especially so of what the public calls 'Sprouts'.

The word 'sprouts' has been widely misused. 99% of people believe those small 1 inch to 3 inch green stems coming out of the ground are the sprouts. But they are not sprouts. They are the plants. They are full of nutrients that are important to the human body to stay healthy along with ALL the other green plants available from our gardens. But they are still the plant. Which are less valuable than the sprouts.

Mung bean sprout

 A TRUE SPROUT is the baby which comes out of the seed the day it is born to life. It has a little white tail attached to it. At that moment of birth, 100% of the 'God and Nature' given nutrients are in existence. 

At 35 years of age, when I started to read about nutrition in the public libraries in Toronto and Etobicoke, I learned that sprouts should be grown in jars for simplicity. In fact almost any book you pick up today still states exactly the same thing. And most of the articles were written by scientists and scholars with degrees after their name. However the work to keep those baby sprouts both clean and healthy is more than most people want to endure. Ninety-nine percent of all people will give up using the glass-jar system because it is not convenient. People simply don't have the time or are not that interested in doing the daily chore of washing the baby sprouts to eliminate any contamination (contamination means mold and bad bacteria ). The jar-method simply doesn’t work efficiently. In fact, any system where you put many seeds or beans on top of each other will automatically contaminate each other. And once contamination has taken place it is completely impossible to take it out of the seed. 

When I started growing sprouts, I did exactly what those books stated, every day for 3 years and in jars. I grew them not because I just wanted healthy nutrition but because I HAD TO HAVE THE BEST NUTRITION. During those 3 years I experienced the daily chore of growing sprouts in a jar. It was not easy. And I, like others still think today, thought that I should let them grow 2 to 3 inches high to be of full value. I remember how each day, 3 to 5 times a day, I had to shake the jars back and forth to try to keep them from getting moldy and forming a bad smell. There were times I gave up and wanted to quit. But because of my need for greater nutrition I continued.  

glass jar sprouting can cause salmonella

I learned a lot during those 3 years. I became ill twice during that time. The second time my doctor recognized salmonella poisoning as a cause. I could not accept this nor could we pinpoint the source of the poisoning. But after telling him about everything I eat, it was suggested by the doctor that I look at the sprout growing that I did as the cause of my problem. 

After 3 years of using the jar system, I purchased a glass domed unit similar in appearance to the ones I sell today which claimed to eliminate 50% of the problem. That was 55 years ago. I paid $50.00 for that unit which by today's dollar value would be approximately $500.00. Most people would never spend that kind of money for a simple sprouter, but I did. I used that system up until I was 70 yrs of age. During that time of growing and eating sprouts and plants I never got ill with any type of sickness. Generally now I do not even get headaches and colds. According to that report and a very recent report I have not aged beyond 55 yrs mentally or physically. 

It was during those years I also read in a religious book that plants have a placenta like humans and animals which can contaminate the baby during the birth cycle and the baby should be kept away from it. That is why I came up with the screen above the water in my system. 

When the baby sprout is born 'God and Nature' gives ALL nutrients to that baby sprout that same day. It's a miracle no one has ever thoroughly explained in any analysis in any book on earth. Then at the same time that birth takes place genetics come into place to direct that new born into its adult form. The baby says 'I want to look like my mother and father' the same color, the same texture, etc. This is identical in ALL births of any living things on earth. As a result the baby now starts to define which nutrients it should keep and expand on and those that should be discarded as not important in life. That is why different nutrients dominate in different plants. 

Tony Hornick selling his sprouters at an event

My passion for what I have created allows me to guarantee the products I sell to the public for life 'unconditionally'. I want people to get healthy on something I know will make them healthy. Sprouts when born are given ALL the nutrients they will need. ALL means all the enzymes we know of today and all the proteins we know about. If you walked into a vitamin store and read the names on those some 3000 different manufactured products you would learn that every one of them were derived from a green plant, placed into a pill, bottled or packaged in powder form, and then sold to the public as a cure. The nutrients in those packages have been analyzed by scientists. Your one-month supply of mung beans is just the beginning of a lifetime of investments that do little for your body.

Generally the public do not want to work hard for their nutrients. A pill is convenient. That is why the vitamin stores have proliferated and succeeded in supplying the public with a simple alternative. But it is a very expensive and inadequate one. 

We know that over 4000 enzymes all had their beginning in a baby sprout. The nuclei are in place. The same values are in place for proteins of which we know of 560 (according to articles I have read on the web). Every one of those 3000 different named vitamins on shelves in stores had to get their beginning in a baby sprout. Yet thousands of different supplements are an expense that most of the public cannot afford. 

We know that mung beans when sprouted are sweet in taste. They are part of the pea family. People love them the best because of their taste and simplicity to grow. One pound of beans can supply a person with one month of vegetables more healthy than any other vegetables in the worldMost Mung beans now come from China. As this is a main vegetable grown in China they have very strict rules about growing methods. Farmers there are very careful to make sure they are organically grown. In India they are becoming much more organized now and are starting to implement stronger controls to grow mung beans organically. I have been told that farmers in India are only paid from 1 cent to 5 cents per pound. Imagine 5 cents for one month of green vegetables at your table. Mung beans are grown in every hot country in the world.

Bag of organic mung beans

I inventory up to two tonnes of mung beans at any one time to supply those persons that are now eating sprouts more than any other vegetable. I have never told anyone they should not eat baby plants grown in jars. That is their decision in the way they want to grow and eat them. However I tell everyone the consequences of growing them in a jar or similar methods and to be very careful with the fast growth of salmonella and mold on the sprouts. Most people DO NOT clean them properly when they grow them in jars. Ninety percent of the systems sold in stores produce salmonella. Yet people do not find that out until after they start using those sprouters. Incidentally, in India the most common methods are growing them on a wet towel or on a plate with water. Both these methods cause mold and salmonella growth resulting in sickness. When purchasing sprouts or small plants in a store you should know what kind of water they used to grow them with. Is it pure and clean? Do they change the water during the growth cycle?

I passionately believe that growing sprouts for health is something that should be taught to children at schools across the world. They can learn about life, nutrition, health, and learn skills of empathy, caring and nurturing along the way. To promote this, I offer every teacher that calls me personally a sprouter for their classroom, for free. Following the method of instruction with each unit, allowing the children to taste the life force in every bean, is an experience I believe will change their lives for the better.

My name is Tony Hornick. I offer Tony’s Sprouter to you for your health