Can the Sprout Grower solve food shortages on the planet?

We think so. 

Tony has a mission to get these sprouter kits into schools and institutions and to help undernourished kids and adults living in poverty around the world who can’t access or afford nutritious food, to provide them with a sustainable, nutritious food source they can grow themselves that can last a lifetime!

african children in food line

Think about it.

One family growing their own healthy food source in their own house for pennies a day. Not just any food source, but one of the healthiest non-perishable food sources on the planet that doesn't require outside cultivation, tools or energy and can be stored for up to 5 years!


This article written by a scientist suggests eating bugs as the solution to help fight hunger and food insecurity. Would you want to eat insects? Why would they think people living in impoverished countries in Africa would?

eating grasshoppers


We commit to solving the hunger problem one Kit at a time and will partner with organizations, schools and institutions to help spread the word and get our Kit's out to those who need them. 

Contact Kristin ( to discuss how we can end hunger one Kit at a time.